IQF sugar snaps

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Snap peas are sweet and tender. Sugar snaps are most flavorful cooked briefly, but they also can be eaten raw. Snap peas are also called sugar peas. It’s a good source of folic acid, potassium, thiamine, and magnesium and contain vitamins C and B.

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How to choose

• Select snap peas that have plump, crisp pods that are medium to dark green.
• Pods should be glossy, bulging and have a distinct snap when broken in two.
• Avoid sugar snaps that are limp or damp looking or that are dry along the seam.

Recipe tips

• Sugar snaps can be served raw or only briefly cooked in order to retain their crisp, crunchy texture.
• Blanch sugar snaps in boiling water for 30 seconds before stir-frying or using in salads.
• Quick boil sugar snap then toss with butter or herbs or herb butter.
• Serve sautéed sugar snaps as a side dish for fish, poultry, pork, beef, veal, or in salads.
• Stir-dry snap peas with shrimp and serve hot with rice.
• Toss snap peas with shrimp, rice, and vinaigrette and serve chilled.
• Add snap peas to stews just before serving.
• Batter-fry snap peas as tempura.

We Supply

Product IQF sugar snaps
Specification L: 4-9 cm, max 12.5 mm thickness, grade A

Quick Detail

Package 10kg carton inner 1kg plastic bag or as customer requirement
Shelf-life 24 months under -18℃ storage
Loading 24 mts/40 feet container according to different packages
Flavor/odour Fresh&Typical
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Brand Name Uniland
Supply Period Year Round
Supply Ability 200 MTS monthly
Departing Port Xiamen
Lead Time 1-24 tons: 10 days
>24 tons: to be negotiated

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